And what’s the big deal about “skills in context”?

Practical Skills, Taught in Context

Our mission is to provide firearms training focused on the skills that provide the best chance for success in a self-defense situation. No Hollywood-style gun play or “trademark pending” techniques that look cool but fail under the pressure of violence wielded by a determined opponent. Instead, we help people like you develop the skills, find the equipment, and cultivate the kind of attitude that can help ordinary people prevail in extraordinary circumstances.


Experienced. Professional. Patient. Approachable. 

John did ten years in the Marine Corps and currently works for the Department of Defense, but he makes no claim to being a combat veteran. He considers himself very fortunate to have trained under some of the most respected firearms instructors in the country, and he’s learned much more about shooting and self-defense outside the military than he ever did during his service. As an instructor, John has incorporated the best and most practical methods and techniques into his courses, and he continues to train and refine his skills every year, both as a defensive shooter and as a trainer.

Every technique I teach is proven to work for average citizens looking to protect themselves, their families or their community. I offer a money back guarantee. If a student is dissatisfied with a course I will refund their money with no questions asked. After over 5000 students, no one has taken me up on that offer.

Gary was already a longtime FPF student when he joined the staff full time in 2015. He has attended all of our courses as well as classes from Tom Givens and Greg Ellifritz. Always a deep thinker, Gary brings years of experience to our classes from both on and off the range.

Gary Jakl is an NRA-Certified Instructor, an NRA Range Safety Officer, and a Certified Glock Armorer. He is a U.S. Army veteran with combat experience. He has received training through U.S. military programs, government sponsored training activities, and civilian training activities. 

Tim started training seriously 17 years ago in an effort to bring his capabilities up to the level of responsibility inherent in the choice to carry a firearm for personal protection. In that process, Tim had the opportunity to learn from the best instructors in the military, law enforcement, citizen defense, combatives, and competitive shooting worlds. He now uses those years of training and study to present classes that teach a high level of technical proficiency within the boundaries of practical self-defense. Tim has earned three instructor certifications from Rangemaster (pistol, shotgun, and advanced instructor), and he currently teaches with FPF Training and 360 Performance Shooting. Tim has taught with Tom Givens, John Murphy, Green Ops, and the late Todd Green (he also helped Todd found Pistol-Forum.com). In 2015, Tim won the Tactical Conference Polite Society pistol match.


Spacious. Private. Clean. Comfortable. 

FPF Training maintains a fully-equipped, private training facility near Culpeper, Virginia. It’s just far enough off the beaten path to avoid any distractions, but still close to all the convenient amenities of suburbia. For most classes, we’ll arrange to meet first at a nearby service station and then caravan to the firing range.


Inquiring minds are always welcome!

What if I don't have a gun or gear?

No problem. FPF Training offers rental for all required equipment for $25.00 a day. Students must provide their own 9mm ammunition. If you’re getting ready to purchase your first gun, sometimes it’s actually better to take the class first.

Where are you located?

FPF Training is based in northern Virginia. Most of our local live-fire classes are held at a private range in Culpeper that’s secluded enough for privacy but still close to suburban conveniences. When classes are held at our Culpeper range, we typically meet first at a nearby gas station and then caravan to the range together.

While we’re headquartered in Virginia, FPF Training also travels throughout the country to teach at other ranges. We’ve offered courses in Texas, Arizona, Indiana, and several other locales. Browse our calendar to find a course near you, or contact us if you’d like to discuss bringing FPF to your hometown.

I need a handgun carry permit...

You’re in the right place! All FPF Training courses meet the Virginia training requirement to apply for a handgun carry permit.

What about my skill level?

FPF Training courses are designed to provide a pathway from beginner to expert. “Foundation Skills” is the entry point for most students, but we do offer “Pistol 101” for complete novices. See website for details, or email with your questions.

Do women take these classes?

Absolutely! Over the past few years, the percentage of women in handgun training classes has grown tremendously. At FPF Training, we’ve had several recent classes where the majority of students were women. Our instructors work hard to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable, regardless of demographic.

What does "FPF" stand for?

“FPF” is shorthand for three steps we hope our students will prioritize every time they discharge any firearm: Front sight, Press, Follow through.

I have a different question...

We’d love to hear it. Just send us an email, give us a call, or contact us on social media, and we’ll be happy to answer any question you have about our training options. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ready to get started?