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Semi-autos and revolvers for concealed carry and home defense.
FPF Training

This six hour, introductory course is designed for novice shooters who wish to make a fully informed decision before purchasing their first firearm, or for new gun owners looking for practical experience with their new purchase. Pistol Skills 101 course provides a thorough introduction to firearms safety, gun handling, and shooting skills. Instruction includes: safe gun handling, pistol parts and operation, types of ammunition, fundamentals of shooting, maintenance and cleaning the pistol, and continued training and skill development opportunities

This is a private class for individuals or small groups in Virginia. The classroom portion can take place in your home, at our range or another mutually agreed to location. A course completion certificate will be provided at the completion of this training. This certificate may be used to obtain a Virginia resident / non-resident concealed carry permit.

For more information contact John ( or Gary ( directly, or send us a message with your request for a private class and contact information. We will contact you to discuss your requirements and schedule a private class.

FPF Training

This ten-hour Concealed Carry: Foundation Skills class is intended for near novice and experienced shooters alike seeking to acquire the basic skills required for carrying and legally employing a concealed handgun in self-defense.

The class consists of an extensive read ahead email, multi-media classroom presentation and subsequent defensive marksmanship training drills. These defensive marksmanship training drills emphasize safety, pistol manipulation (load, unload, reload, reduce malfunctions, perform a concealed draw stroke), practical marksmanship and the legal considerations of employing deadly force.  Students will also receive practical exercises in basic trauma aid in the application of tourniquets and pressure dressings. Students of all experience levels, from novice to experienced, are welcome and will benefit greatly from this course. Please note that THIS IS NOT A “BASIC” pistol class, rather is an introduction to the choices and consequences of the concealed carry lifestyle. Please email with any questions.

FPF Training

Through a series of shooting drills and exercises Concealed Carry: Advanced Tactics and Techniques, hones the hard skills necessary to be successful in a self-defense encounter the requires lethal force. Expanding upon lessons from Skills Beyond the Gun, students will be educated to recognize impending violence and then rehearse scenario-driven tactics to counter these attacks.  Several “standards” tests will be incorporated in the course to document student performance.   700 rounds required.


Tried and true defensive applications for shotgun and rifle.
FPF Training

This eight-hour class is designed to provide the novice a firm grounding in basics of safety, manipulation and marksmanship for military style rifles, primarily the AR series. Minuteman Rifle Course (MRC) is a basic class, plate carriers, night vision devices, lasers, etc. are not required. Optics (Aimpoint, Trijicon, etc. are welcome!)

Topics include:

  • Cycle of operation
  • Nomenclature
  • Accessories
  • Ballistics and zeroing
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • The Big Four shooting positions
  • Basic manipulation
  • Malfunctions
  • Graded marksmanship exercises
  • Class sizes are limited to ten shooters to ensure plenty of individual attention.

Things to Bring:

  • Eye and Ear protection (I have loaners available)
  • A hat with a bill (Baseball style)
  • A military rifle equipped with a sling (AR/AK/H&K, etc.) with at least 300 rounds. Bring at least 30 rounds of regular ball (M-193) ammunition for the final drill of the class.  (You can shoot steel-cored (M855 ammunition) in the course, but not on my steel targets, please!)
  • AT LEAST 3 rifle magazines and a means for carrying AT LEAST one spare magazine on your person
  • Pen and paper
  • Plenty of liquids and lunch
  • Gloves (Seasonal)
FPF Training

The objective of this course is to cover the topics most relevant to the use of the shotgun as a tool of home defense including:

  • Selection/configuration of the defensive shotgun
  • Proper ammunition selection
  • Reliable loading and operation of the shotgun
  • Shooting technique and recoil management
  • Patterning

By the end of the course students will demonstrate competence in the handling, loading, and rapid, accurate use of the shotgun at common home defense distances. At the end of the day students will shoot a shotgun qualification course.

Students will need 250 round of birdshot and 50 rounds of buckshot, 10 of which should be premium such as Federal Flight Control.  (Plus all the usual stuff you’d take for a day on the range.)


FPF Training

Shotgun Skills builds upon the fundamentals taught in Home Defense Shotgun. The basics will be reinforced, but students will be pushed to improve speed and accuracy with the shotgun on single targets, challenging multiple target arrays, and in competitive timed shooting. Shotgun Skills will also cover the application and use of slugs, use of the shotgun in close quarters, and the basics of approaching corners with a long gun. At the end of the day students will shoot an abbreviated slug and buckshot qualification similar to law enforcement shotgun qualification courses for the shotgun.

  • Minimum round count: 125 birdshot, 125 buckshot, 25 slugs
  • Note: If circumstances permit the class may shoot more than the advertised minimum…bringing an extra box or two of birdshot may not be a bad idea.


Looking for something beyond just shooting skills?
FPF Training

This five hour course is designed to integrate pepper spray into our array of self-defense measures or as an option for people that choose not to be armed with a pistol. Topics include:

  • Capabilities and Limitations
  • Selection and Carry
  • Presentation and Application
  • Consequences and Contingencies
  • Pre-Incident Indicators and Street Encounter Skills
  • Transitioning from pepper spray to lethal force
  • Post-Incident Actions

NOTES:  Students will NOT be exposed to live agent during this course, but will participate in role playing exercises using inert trainers which will be provided. Students will be required to bring and wear eye protection during the practical exercises.

Transitioning from pepper spray to lethal force will exercised in this class.  Students will be required to download their pistols and will be subjected to a search prior to this evolution. Pistols will be deactivated by being “roped.”

Course cost includes 2x MK6 pepper spray trainers and 1 Sabre Red MK6 live agent dispenser, which will be issued at the end of the class.

FPF Training

Americans are in love with their cars, and many of us spend hours every day in our vehicles commuting and interacting with society at 60 mph. The criminal and anti-social element is mobile as well, and consequently we may find ourselves in an encounter “in and around” our cars.

This Concealed Carry: Vehicle Environment Skills course look at self-defense from the “vehicle environment” standpoint, and illustrates manners and methods by which we can be deselected, deter or, if necessary, prevail in a criminal encounter in and around our cars. Students will engage in both “dry” and “live” fire exercises and engage in scenario based work around their own vehicles.

Course Pre-requisite:

Concealed Carry: Foundation Skills or other recognized training. Please contact us to verify eligibility. (NOTE: There will be an inventory skills test prior to any work around the vehicles in the class. If you are unable to demonstrate a safe draw stroke, you’ll be removed from the course and your fee applied to another FPF Training class or sponsored event.) 

  • You’ll Need: Eye protection, ear protection, food, water, sunblock, insect repellent, long-sleeved shirt, gloves (optional)
FPF Training

People who are serious about self-defense tend to associate with like-minded individuals. Consequently, they may encounter situations where working a problem together can exponentially increase their chances for a successful outcome. This ten-hour Concealed Carry: Two Person Tactics course develops the skills and tactics required for individuals that possess self-defense skills to function as a team across the spectrum of street situations they are likely to encounter with techniques for cooperative communication, movement and the application of appropriate force.

Alternatively, some spouses/significant others decline to prepare for violence, yet may still be present during an event. This course will provide them basic pepper spray and 1st aid skills, as well as enable them to act in concert with their partner

FPF Training often hosts industry-leading instructors to provide perspective, depth, and diverse experience to students. Recently, we’ve brought in renown trainers like Tom Givens, Greg Ellifritz, Massad Ayoob, William Aprill, Spencer Keepers, and Karl Rehn, among others. Please keep an eye on our course calendar for the latest announcements of guest instructors coming to FPF Training. 

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