The Defender's Creed
A very good friend of mine, Pat Rogers, passed away a few weeks ago.  (We are all indebted to that man…) During his service I was called upon to recite the Marine Corps “Rifleman’s Creed.”  I departed from the text, but recalled something I wrote in 2004 which I think applies to where we are today.
The Defender’s Creed
I understand and accept that human predators exist.  Some are called criminals, others terrorists.  They all prey upon the weak and unsuspecting, and take advantage of the civilized society our forefathers created.  They are evil and must be confronted and defeated wherever they exist. I believe that self-defense is a moral imperative, and that force and violence must be met with righteous indignation and superior violence. I will not cede my security to others. I will do what it takes to defend myself, my family, my community and my country from those that would perpetrate violence upon them. I will practice avoidance, deterrence and de-escalation where I can.  I will disrupt and destroy criminal assaults in circumstances where I cannot. I openly declare that I run with a like-minded pack, and do not amble through life with the mind-numbed herd. I will accept the consequences of my actions. I will train with my chosen weapons, maintain them and carry them in a condition of readiness at all times. I will be mentally prepared and physically equipped to respond to any attack. I will not be cowed into inaction by threat of violence I will constantly test myself against realistic standards to discover my strengths and weaknesses.  I will turn weakness into strength. I will seek to learn new skills and techniques, and then teach what I have learned to other members of the pack. Be it with firearm or blade, empty hand or blunt object, I will hit my enemies hard, fast and true. I will live a quiet and unobtrusive life, but I will develop and retain the capacity for sudden and decisive violence. I recognize that I am the modern equivalent of the Minuteman, and that I may be called to service at any time against heavily armed and suicidal terrorists.  I will respond effectively. I accept that I am a pariah among some of my countrymen, and an anachronism to others.  I will not hold their ignorance against them. I will win, or die trying. I swear this creed before God, my family and my fellow citizens.

That’s just where I am right now. See you on the range! John

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