Shooting accurately is a mechanical skill that’s relatively easy to learn. But shooting is only one small part of the self-defense paradigm. For average citizens to get the best return on their investment of training time and money, we believe shooting skills must be acquired and practiced not in a vacuum but in an immersive, real-world context.


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Through a comprehensive and proven curriculum, FPF Training provides an educational and experiential pathway toward acquiring a comprehensive set of effective self-defense skills.  Regardless your experience, we can move you towards your goal of safety, security and independence.


Be your own first responder.

Our mission is to provide training focused on the hard and soft skills that provide the best chance for success in a self-defense situation. No Hollywood-style gun play or “trademark pending” techniques that  fail under the pressure of criminal violence.  We help people like you develop the skills, find the equipment, and cultivate the kind of attitude that enables ordinary people prevail in extraordinary circumstances.

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Designed to maximize safety
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Interactive and entertaining
 Context focused
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“John Murphy has a unique approach to instructing. Like many, he incorporates the “when and why we shoot” into the “how we shoot” program but at a level significantly higher than most. Murphy also presents the material in an understandable manner.”

bloggs1Pat Rogers
EAG Tactical

“[John] specified that the goals for us are to maintain our health (win the fight), our freedom (stay out of jail), and our wealth (not go bankrupt defending our actions in criminal or civil court). There was a lot of stress on conflict avoidance and alternatives to lethal force.”

bloggs2Robert G.
High School Teacher

“[Y]our personal presentation style was engaging, well planned, and attention grabbing. We especially appreciated the individual attention provided by you and the coaches at the range. The focus on skills transfer surrounded by excellent safety procedures was outstanding.”

bloggs3James E.
Recent Student

“I’ll continue to come back because of your dedication to keeping it useful and changing the drills based upon your research of the real threats you see in the world.”

joe-bloggsJohn I.
Recent Student

“[John] successfully combines contextual, practical, and real-life concealed carry training in a package that is both enjoyable and will build your skill and experience level no matter where you start….from novice to pro!”

joe-bloggsRADM James McPherson
US Navy (Ret.)

“I originally walked in thinking I could handle myself in a defensive situation, but within the course of a few hours and a few videos, I soon realized I did not know as much as I thought I did.”

Recent Student


Relevant skills, high standards, effective learning

FPF Training offers an educational pathway for learning hard and soft skills that real people can effectively apply in real-world defensive contexts. We won’t waste time on obscure tricks and gimmicks that aren’t reliable or realistic. Instead, we focus on simple, repeatable techniques that most people can learn and use successfully.

Handgun Classes
We teach handgun skills and tactics for beginners, experienced shooters, and everyone in between.

Long Gun Classes
For those interested in rifles or shotguns, we offer practical courses on safety, manipulation, and marksmanship.

Expand your Skills
Interested in tactics for the street and vehicle environments? Pepper spray, trauma aid or other defensive disciplines?  FPF Training offers a variety of classes to meet your needs.